Monday, March 26, 2012

2 mins sketches

Last night when I was down for bed, I didnt feel sleepy. Lot of scenes flashed in my head like movie scenes mostly with cars and people....I got up, sat down with my sketch pen and book. Put down those scenes on to paper. It was like they were flowing from my head to paper through the hand. Most of them were done in 1 min or max 2 mins. clubbed the good ones and posting it below :) i wish to come back to this post with more 2 min sketches. :)


Recently I joined a group in FB, Maidan-e-sketch, like people post the sketches. Its good to see all the people post and comment each other's work. So u ll get to learn a lot from there. The last theme there was I-Jag: Jaguar for India. Was thinking of hatchbacks and SUVs here and came down to SUV since hatchback segment is too basic for Jag. Since SUV image also doesnt suit Jag I made a compact cross over for Jag.


Saturday, March 10, 2012

The flying car

There should be a warm up before starting anything...this was pretty quick, but liked it. A cute devil flying car :P